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Manufacturing is the process of changing raw or processed materials into products people can use. Many COOL careers that use your imagination and skills with the HOTTEST technologies to make better things for our world! Over 14,000 manufacturing companies and 355,000 Floridians work in this industry statewide. Manufacturers make almost every product you use, from the rims you buy, to the jeans you wear, to musical instruments you play. If you get satisfaction by making something, get excited about using new technology, or you work well with teams of people, then the manufacturing industry may be the place for you.


Who: Listen to people who work in various manufacturing industries in Florida. They discuss the company they work for, their job, what schooling they needed to secure their career. Listen Now. Where: View virtual tours of various manufacturing facilities – all located in Florida. View Now.


Check out what some student currently enrolled in education programs around Florida have to say about the educational pathway they have chosen.

Summer Internship Programs

Local companies sometimes offer summer internship programs for High School students, like this one offered at Pharmaworks. If you are interested in setting up a similar program, contact FLATE. (

Career Academies: Your Path to a Great Future!

Students, exciting careers await you in two of the fasted-growing industries around: Florida’s International Trade & Logistics (FIT&L) and Advanced Manufacturing. Get started through your high school’s Career Academy today!


Every summer we offer extremely popular robotic camps. Check it out.


What kind of Manufacturing jobs are available? Which Florida companies are always looking for smart Engineering Technology students? Find answers to these and other interesting facts in this fun activity flip book. Just click here or on the comic book. You can also check out the career pathways of some manufacturing professionals to see how they got to where they are now.

What kind of education do I need?

Community Colleges around Florida are now offering the new Engineering Technology degree program. This ET Degree covers core skills aligned with the national MSSC Production Technician Certification and advanced specializations designed for today’s high performance manufacturing. Take me to the E.T. Degree page. There are many different ways to reach your career destination. View several different career pathways here.

Can anyone help pay?

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Manufacturing Sectors

Bikes, boats, baseballs, buildings — everything we use has to be made. Designing new products, making prototypes, setting up, testing and running production, packaging, shipping and distribution all requires innovation and creativity. Behind every product there is a high-wage, high-skill, high-energy job in manufacturing waiting for you! Here is one way to look at the possibilities:

Biological and Medical

Biological and medical manufacturing includes products in biotechnology, medical instrumentation and supplies.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices includes products like bar code readers and printers, finger print readers and gyroscopes used by helicopters.

Aviation and Aeronautics

Aviation and aeronautics includes all the supporting technologies around the space industry and real-size flight simulators for commercial and combat airplanes.

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering includes computer hardware, networks and even power plant simulators

Metals and Plastics

Metals and plastic fabrication includes finished products or components for other products, such as landing gears and canopies for combat airplanes to hydraulic valves and door frames for automobiles.

Food, Paper, Beverage & Cosmetics

Food, paper, beverages & cosmetics includes many products ranging from cookies, soaps, lipstick, soda, juice, processed foods and many more.

Leisure & Entertainment

Leisure and entertainment includes animatronics, park rides, sports simulations, video games, multimedia.


Transportation includes vehicles including ships, trains, cars and bikes, warehousing and inventory control and global logistics.

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