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Every day, you enjoy things you may not realize were made in Florida. Behind every product and technology you use, there is a world of manufacturing. Today, in Florida, more than 20,000 different companies and 355,000 people work in the manufacturing field. These employees are making, on average, over $61,739 a year. That’s over $29 per hour!

This means not only jobs, but high-wage, high-tech manufacturing careers are being “Made in Florida” by people like you, right now.

FLATE and its statewide networked partners are working together to plan for a year-round celebration of Manufacturing Day, designed to inspire the next generation of manufacturers and change the perception of careers in manufacturing to reflect its true status as the most advanced, high-tech industry in the country. Contact your local or regional manufacturing association or FLATE directly if you have questions about how to participate. Click on the Florida MFG Month logo or the link below to find resources and statewide news about student and educator events; resources to help you plan events and how to get involved with FLATE’s “Made in Florida” Student Events for Florida MFG Month.

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