If you get satisfaction from making something, get excited about using new technology or if you just like to know how things work, a manufacturing career may be perfect for you.

Manufacturing is the process of changing raw or processed materials into products people can use.

Everyday, you enjoy things you may not realize were made in Florida. Behind every product and technology you use, there is a world of manufacturing. Today, in Florida,

In December 2019, manufacturing had 383,600 jobs in Florida, an increase of 6,200 jobs over the year.

These employees are making, on average, over $61,739 a year!! That’s over $30 per hour!

This means that not just jobs, but manufacturing careers are being “Made in Florida,” by people like you, right now. If you get satisfaction by making something, get excited about using new technology, or you work well with teams of people, then the manufacturing industry may be the place for you, with a challenging job, great pay, and excellent benefits.

Manufacturing Output and Exports



 Growth of Manufactured Goods Exports 50.8%

  • Manufacturing Employment 383,600 (2019)
  • Manufacturing Employment (% Overall Private Non-Farm) 4.2% (2019)
  • Average Annual Compensation in Manufacturing $61,739(2019)
  • Manufacturing Pay Premium $26,072 (2011)
  • $33.00 per hour.

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Census Bureau, International Trade Administration;  U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Figures taken from December 2019 Labor Statistical Data Report. (Download)

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What is Manufacturing?

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The diversity of Manufacturing in Florida includes: Food, beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Instruments, Metals and Plastics, Electronics and Technical Instruments, Aerospace components, Transportation, Household goods, Mining, Industrial and Construction Components.

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