FLATE has developed a portfolio of materials and resources that are available free on this website that are appropriate to be used at a variety of outreach events for students and communities. Our newest resource is our “Exploring Advanced Manufacturing” “MOOC” (free online short course) aimed at dispelling myths about modern manufacturing careers and our “Made in Florida” 2015 video and teacher guide. Scroll down to review other resources (student handouts to download; presentations; links to videos; best practice guides; animated career pathways, etc). Good luck with your manufacturing outreach and don’t hesitate to contact us at FLATE (flate@fl-ate.org) if you need help.  We look forward to working with all of you!

Great Careers are Waiting for You!

We also have the presentation annotated with notes and talking points:

Other Resources:


Are you interested in hiring a graduate of an Engineering Technology A.S. degree or certificate program? Start here and be connected to the programs in Florida that might have the perfect graduate for your organization.


The new ET degree program is a cohesive, comprehensive degree program that focuses on a set of core classes that cover introductory computer aided drafting, electronics, instrumentation and testing, processes and materials, quality and safety. These core skills align with the national Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) Portable Production Technician Certification. The ET Core coupled with a second year degree specialization prepares students for many jobs in manufacturing and many other high-technology industries. Go here to learn more and find a college near you!



REACH OUT –All of us need to help to build a sustainable workforce pipeline.  You can help by reaching out locally to students in your, interact with the next generation workforce. Below are some components of FLATE’s Made in Florida outreach campaign that you and your company can participate in. You can see FLATE’s Corporate Honor Roll here. FLATE has developed a guide to educational outreach for you.  Click here to open the invitation letter/guide to using the resources below and on this website. OR – just use the materials however they work for you. Join the growing list of companies who are working with FLATE to reach out to students and the community in many ways. Contact flate@fl-ate.org


2012 marks the sixth and final year that FLATE has partnered with the Manufacturers Association of Florida and other industry partners to place content in NEXT, the career guidance issue of Florida Trend. Over the entire course of the advertorial, a total of 22,651 leads were responded to by FLATE promoting and providing information about Florida Advanced Manufacturing college and careers. View final report.


TOURS: Getting students into your facility is a great way to get them interested in the awesome world of manufacturing. FLATE has taken nearly 3000 students on tours of nearly 50 different manufacturing facilities across Florida since 2005 and near all of the students attending report that the visit increased their understanding about manufacturing AND interested them in possibly pursuing a career in manufacturing or one of the technologies that support our industry.  If you cannot host students in your facility for some reason, but want to participate, we have virtual tours. Your virtual tour could be posted here!

Download the FLATE Best Practice Guide for Manufacturing Field Trips here.

Contact FLATE (FLATE@fl-ate.org) or call 813.259.6577 to host a Made in Florida Tour at your facility or request a virtual tour for the Made in Florida website. Find out more about our tours

TALKS: Get invited to a school career day? Need some help? Click here to view a ready-to-use upbeat “Made in Florida” presentation designed for school presentations and other community outreach events. Click here to view a second version of the presentation that includes notes and talking points for each slide.   If  you would like a custom presentation, please contact us at flate@fl-ate.org.  We would be glad to help you tailor a presentation that works for you.


FLATE has several resources to help you bring manufacturing into K-12 classrooms available online at http://flate.pbwiki.com/.  FLATE lesson plans are all based on real companies in Florida and align science, math, and technology standards to specific tasks and processes at real manufacturers. Each lesson plan comes with a company sheet that describe what the company makes, how it makes it and what kind of jobs they have.  Find out more information here.  If you would like your company represented in a lesson plan, please contact us at flate@fl-ate.org or We would love to add your company to our growing collection!


Students can listen to interviews with men and women who work in these plants describe their jobs. In the virtual tour section, you will be able to look inside some of Florida’s largest manufacturer’s facilities.  There are also some student sheets about career resources you can download, print and handout for student career exploration.

Visit our Career Resources page.

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