About Us

“Made in Florida”, including this website, is a product of the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center of Excellence for Manufacturing.

FLATE is part of the FloridaMakes Network (FloridaMakes is the official representative of the MEP National Network and NIST MEP in the State of Florida. The MEP National Network’s mission is to strengthen and empower U.S. manufacturers and its emphasis on delivering tangible economic impact. FLATE’s mission is to improve and advance technician education in 2-year associate degree programs through curriculum reform and professional development as well as developing the STEM pipelines that feed into them.

Mailing Address

Florida Advanced Technological Education Center
800 North Magnolia Avenue, Suite 1850
Orlando, FL 32803



Marilyn Barger, Ph.D., P.E.
Senior Education Advisor


Ernie Friend
Executive Director


Danielly Orozco
Associate Director



Teresa Potter
FLATE Community Engagement Manager



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