New! We offer a common communication platform on LinkedIn

FLATE (Florida Advanced Technological Education) Center of Excellence in Manufacturing has launched a brand new initiative to create a common communication platform on LinkedIn. The initiative represents FLATE’s efforts to reach out to engineering technology graduates, create a common space to share ideas/knowledge, and tap into the expertise of experienced industry professionals and ET degree graduates.

To kick start the effort, FLATE has created a site that interfaces with users’ LinkedIn profiles.

Joining and connecting is easy and offers several benefits:

  1. ET grads can connect with fellow ET Degree grads and alumni
  2. Share success stories and best practices & expand your professional network
  3. Learn about local/regional job opportunities, engage in vibrant discussions, and stay on top of the latest high-tech manufacturing and/or engineering technology related news.

To be part of this exciting ET network just follow these steps.

1. Visit https://madeinflorida.org/etdegree/alumni/index.php
2. Click on the “Join Group” link at the bottom of the page

  • If you have a profile on LinkedIn you will have to use your LI log-in credentials to be connected to ET Degree Alumni page.
  • If you DO NOT have a LI account, you will need to register & create a LinkedIn profile

3. Once you log-in and/or create a profile you will be taken to the ET degree Alumni page on LinkedIn

4. Click on Join & you will be connected to the ET Degree Alumni profile.

For more information, or if you have any questions please contact Dr. Marilyn Barger, executive director of FLATE at 813.259.6578  barger@fl-ate.org and Janice Mukhia, communications specialist at news@fl-ate.org or 813.259.6581.

Learn how to earn your spot in Florida’s high-tech fast lane.

Florida is one of the biggest innovation hubs in America, generating opportunities that have local and global impact on manufacturing and production industries. If you are intrigued by technology, pursuing a career in manufacturing might be your ticket to success.


Tami for FLATE Tamria (Tami) SchwomeyerLockheed Martin Missiles & Fire ControlThe partnership that Lockheed Martin and CF have is what jump started my career here at Lockheed. When I was hired in 2007 I came in as an hourly employee with no college education. I didn’t have any chance to be promoted or reach the salary ranks without a degree of some kind. With the situation I was in it was impossible for me to attend college classes on CF campus. With the partnership it allowed CF to bring Engineering Technology courses to me. I was able to attend college courses after work and never have to leave the building. CF and Lockheed Martin made it so easy for me to attend these classes. The classes were set up to cater to the “older” students keeping in mind that we have full time jobs that require 40 to 50 hours a week and families.At 40 I received an Associate Degree and I couldn’t be prouder. The Associate in Science degree program in Engineering Technology provided me with the training for advanced, manufacturing-related positions that are available. It also gave me the confidence to continue my education and achieve a Bachelors.In September of 2011 I was hired for a salary position here at Lockheed. Without the continued support and dedication of Lockheed Martin and the College of Central Florida this would not have be possible. It’s with great appreciation that I say Thank you. Please continue to finds ways to reach out to the “older” students in hopes of changing their lives for the better like you have mine.
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