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Florida is one of the biggest innovation hubs in America, generating opportunities that have local and global impact on manufacturing and production industries. If you are intrigued by technology, pursuing a career in manufacturing might be your ticket to success.

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Mercedes Heredia, Hillsborough Community College Engineering Technology

Mercedes Heredia, an Engineering Technology (ET) student at HCC Brandon, gives credit to her kids for being “my inspiration for everything I do.” “My daughter is a gifted child and participated in a robotics programming class. The STEM theory behind the class impacted she and I tremendously. I’ve always been interested in the science behind the technology, plus, I love to design and draw, which makes AutoCAD my favorite class.” Mercedes thinks that ET will continue to grow, and she plans to keep studying and expanding her knowledge in order to stay up to date. She considers technology to be amazing in the new ways in which it is impacting our world. “It’s also fun that our professor speaks Spanish,” she adds with a smile.

Terrence Lawrence, Hillsborough Community College Engineering Technology

Terrence Lawrence, an Engineering Technology (ET) student at HCC, Brandon learned about the ET program from the internet. He loves technology and “the knowledge and hands on training” that make up the degree program. He finds the high tech nature of the program interesting, and Computer Aided Design (CAD) is his favorite class. He encourages other students to take a look at the ET Degree program as a major: “I think everyone should do this. It makes you more versatile and valuable.”

Bradford Peterson, Hillsborough Community College Engineering Technology

Bradford Peterson is an Engineering Technology (ET) Student at HCC Brandon. His favorite class is AutoCAD because “it’s fun to design things.” He enjoys the hands on experience found in classes like Motors and Controls. He’s always liked STEM subjects, especially “learning how things work and finding different ways to solve problems.” Brad discovered the ET program on the HCC website and shares, “I enjoy the program very much. My professor, Dr. Alex, is great. Having experience with different areas will help me get a job in engineering.”

Tungo Harris, St. Petersburg College Engineering Technology

Tungo Harris is a student in Engineering Technology at St. Petersburg College. His favorite class is CAD, and he most enjoys “collaborating with my peers in doing the hands on lab activities.” The exciting thing for Tungo about robotics and manufacturing is “the continuous drive to improve products and make new products.” “I’ve always been interested in science + technology, and like the fact that the ET program is a hands on program with training that deals with the present industry and with the direction the industry is headed. It will provide me the tools + skills needed to be successful.”


James Alexander Jr., Brevard Community College Engineering Technology

James found the ET degree rogram in his employer’s newsletter. Through the support of Harris Corporation’s providing Brevard CC classes on site for employees, James shares, “I believe it’s a beautiful program that will help me to get the degree I need to become a supervisor.” The program has enabled him to become a better employee for Harris by “learning about and gaining a better understanding of the things I actually work with.” Fiber optics have proven to be his favorite subject so far, and he enjoys working with computers to develop projects and presentations, all of which help him on the job.

Rob Cobbett, Brevard Community College Engineering Technology

“I found I liked working on projects after I started working for Harris Corporation,” says Rob. Then, an email from his employer promoting the program led Rob to the ET Degree. He finds that the best experience so far is “learning new skills, especially skills I feel I will be able to use on the job.” His favorite courses are the hands-on courses and Autocad, “I can see myself using what I learned here for a living.” Rob enjoys building projects in different ways, “be they manufacturing or robotics.” “I really like and enjoy the program which will lead to the degree I need to move into a position within the company I work for.”

Brent Oliver, Brevard Community College Engineering Technology/Advanced Technology

Brent learned of the ET degree program from his advisor. His experience in his composites class has provided him with “hands on, real world experience and lots of fun.” Brent believes that the ET program “provides hard, scientific knowledge of topics that are of large concern today,” such as alternative energy. In fact, everything excites him about advanced manufacturing, robotics, and other STEM subjects in the program, as well as projects and equipment operation. After achieving his AS-ET Degree, Brent hopes to “continue his education with a BSEE,” and continue to grow his career.

AmyLou Wensil, Brevard Community College Engineering Technology /Advanced Manufacturing

AmyLou heard about the ET degree program through her employer, Harris Corporation, and has already seen a reward from her company for pursuing this degree. “This program offers an introductory education into a wide range of topics that are widely used in manufacturing. Advanced manufacturing is where we are headed in the future.” Favorite courses include Composites (“great fun”) and Autocad. “I was immediately able to incorporate what I was learning into my work.” Amy appreciates the feeling of teamwork as she and her fellow employees go through each class together.

Zach Lance Engineering Technology, Aerospace Technology, Brevard Community College

Zach Lance is a Brevard Community College student pursuing an associate’s degree to take advantage of great career opportunities in modern manufacturing. Redesigning and remaking parts out of composite materials for lunar precursor missions at NASA “makes every part of every day exciting,” says Zach. “Being a part of a group of engineers and technicians, finding the best solution to a problem, and knowing I have the appropriate skill set to do so is very fulfilling.” The mathematics, science and engineering technology classes he has taken have given Zach a solid background and practical hands-on experience for what he does daily on the job. With his work experience and community college education, Zach dreams of attending an engineering college and feels well prepared to meet future challenges.

Christopher Heitman Construction Management, State College of Florida

Christopher Heitman is a student at the State College of Florida in Bradenton/Sarasota/Venice, pursuing an associate’s degree with a specialization in Construction Management. Chris has followed the growth of the engineering technology field for several years and is passionate about getting involved in the industry. “I am excited to be a part of the technological advancements that will take place in the future and look forward to being an integral part of the renewable and sustainable energy initiatives that are taking shape,” says Chris. Chris plans to use his education and experiences from industry to help him achieve his career goals.

Luis Martinez Engineering and Technology, Digital Design and Modeling, State College of Florida

Luis Martinez is a student at the State College of Florida in Bradenton/Sarasota/Venice, pursuing an associate’s degree with a specialization in Digital Design and Modeling. Science and mathematics courses have always been among Luis’ favorite subjects which is why he is pursuing a career in engineering technology. “I like that I am encouraged to be creative in my design and drafting classes”, says Luis. I get excited to see what the future holds for the engineering technology arena and am thrilled to be a part of it”. Luis currently works on fiber networks for a local phone company and knows his education will assist him in designing fiber networks in the future.

Eugene Kilpatrick Engineering Technology, Hillsborough Community College

“I was laid off in 2008 and I was looking for work and could not find any so I turned to Hillsborough Community College (HCC) to get some training and I found the Engineering Technology program”, says the student. He was always curious of how things were made and wants to pursue a job in the engineering and manufacturing field once he graduates. “The instructors that I had were very helpful and the classes and curriculum are current making the instruction relevant to today’s workforce.” The student says, “I know this program will give me a better understanding of the manufacturing processes which will make my skills more competitive to find work in this arena”.

Luke Seely Engineering Technology, Hillsborough Community College

The interesting part of the engineering technology program is that it is “hands-on” and students really get to apply the knowledge that they have gained in the program. “Some of the concepts learned while in the ET degree program classes are basic circuitry and programmable logic controller information which is really exciting, says the student. My goal is to gain the skills necessary to work in a challenging atmosphere where I can apply the knowledge learned. I got interested in engineering technology while in middle school where I was enrolled in an AutoCAD program.

Germaine Lubinsky, St. Petersburg College, Technology Management

Germaine likes to see a concept flourish from start to finish which is what enticed her to enroll in the Technology Management program at St. Petersburg College. “I have not always liked STEM classes, but now that I have had a few, they are not so intimidating. I enjoy meeting people from all over and thought that the instructors really made the classes interesting,” says Germaine. Germaine hopes that the Technology Management program will help her in her current work.

Timothy Colon, College of Central Florida, Engineering Technology

Timothy has always been fascinated with electronics and enjoys the ability to learn something new each day. “I’ve always been interested in developing solutions for certain problems and STEM subjects, to me, provide that same type of challenge.” Timothy feels that the Engineering Technology (ET) program has a lot to offer prospective students. The hands on training provided by some of his courses and how informative the instructors are have been favorite parts of the program for him, “With the hands on training, I learn a great deal; I feel the ET program will help guide me in the right direction to pursue my goal to work with electronics.”

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